Trace is the most advanced action sports tracker on the market today. Trace is a small little device that you can mount to your surfboard, snowboard, wakeboard or what ever you’re into.

Trace tells you how fast you are going, how many waves you’ve caught, how many calories you’ve burned. For ski & snowboarding it will tell you things like airtime, how high your jumping, which lift you were on and much much more. It basically tracks your entire activity. See here for a comprehensive chart


Relive those epic sessions with GPS maps, wave count, top speed, calories burned, biggest turn, and much more. Surf, kite, wake, windsurf, SUP, kayak — Trace can track it all.


Track every run, lift, and trail with GPS maps, vertical drop, speed, jumps, calories, airtime and more. Works at any resort or in the backcountry for Skiing, snowboarding, and downhill Mountain Biking.

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